Making FRP auto parts

Step1【Make mould】 1. prototype& mould :Usually,we use the phenolic plastics and processing in CNC machine tool.Because of the FRP auto parts need a high precision,only in CNC machine,we can make a assembly requirements prototype. 2.Reproduce production molds on CNC processed molds,but this mold can not produce immediately.We need remake a master mold on the first…

Radome material

” Direct melt fiberglass furnaces ” is a relatively advanced material technology of radome in the world, it has the characteristics of simplicity, energy saving and high efficiency. The direct melt process is to crush the raw materials, screen them into qualified powders, mix them into batch materials, and then put the batch materials into…

Install fiberglass pipe attentions

FRP pipe is not only suitable for electric power engineering, communication cables are repaired when buried in the ground, but also can be used for direct burying of cables crossing motor vehicle lanes or repairs when paving traffic trunks. Cables are unique in crossing bridges, culverts, and rivers. Maintenance of the natural environment is used…

FRP pickup truck cover

Pickup trucks in US are necessary for a family.Because of the US is large and have a low population. Product name: FRP pickup truck cover Specifications and models:customized Applicable place:pickup truck Product introduction: The product material is FRP and the thickness is 3~5mm,and the compression performance is good.

We are always on the way and never stop

Dongguan Miyabi-FRP Limited specialize in FRP products for 28 years,our products are widely used in automotive,medical,communications,shipping, outdoor and other industries. Our products have been deeply impressed by our clients with: —-size, color, thickness, pattern are all customized according to customers’ demand —-stable and trustworthy quality —-wholesale factory-direct competitive price  —-fast delivery and best service.